District Convention marks the end of my 4-journey as a Key Clubber. I remember being forced to join into this club filled with what seemed to me as a bunch of weird people during freshman year but who would’ve thought that I’d be one of those weird ones three years later. Through this club, I’ve met a lot of amazing people and I’ve done a lot of great work that wouldn’t have been possible if I wasn’t a Key Clubber. The club has been my home and its members have been my Ohana. It’s sad to know that I’m no longer oblige to respond to every “How Do You Feel?” question I get nor do I have to wear pink from head to toe with matching bunny ears and tutu to show off my spirit. And even when Senioritis kicked in and i thought that I’m over it, DCON reminded me of how important this has been to me. And now that that the convention is over, all the gears are put aside, cheers are settled down, and i’m officially retired, it feels like a part of me was taken away. It’s as if there’s a void in my heart that can’t be filled. Thank you Key Club and key clubbers for such an amazing experience. No matter what, I’ll always be a Beastie Bunny and a Key Clubber at heart.

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